A high performance cloud that doesn't break the bank

Deploy blazingly fast dedicated Ryzen compute instances, backed by high-speed NVMe block storage.

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Unparalleled connectivity

Located on LINX LON1, our instances provide industry-leading connectivity, with up to 10G networking on our low-latency fiber backbone. All instances have 1 Gbps of burst bandwidth (unmetered), and DDoS protection.

We can provide you with a BGP session completely free of charge, so you can bring your own IPs.

Unrivalled performance

Our AMD1 compute instance lineup is powered by dedicated Ryzen 9 5950X cores. We utilise CPU pinning to directly allocate a physical core to your instance, ensuring you are the sole tenant of that core, and allowing you to leverage its full potential.

Ryzen performance greatly benefits from fast RAM, so we pair our Ryzen CPUs with fast DDR4 ECC RAM to ensure your instance performs at its best.

Finally, our instances run on fully redundant high speed NVMe SSDs, ensuring you have near-instant access to all of your data.

Dedicated Core

Dedicated Core

Dedicated Core

Dedicated Core

Dedicated Core

Dedicated Core

Fully dedicated cores. Never shared.

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-67% cost
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+200% cost

MRC price comparison for a 4 core 16GB RAM instance.

Unbeatable pricing

We operate a pay-as-you-go system with hourly billing, allowing you to pay only for your exact usage. Our prices are a fraction of the cost of other providers with similar offerings, such as Vultr.

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