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Our AMD1 compute instance lineup is powered by dedicated Ryzen 9 5950X cores. We utilise CPU pinning to directly allocate a physical core to your instance, ensuring you are the sole tenant of that core, and allowing you to leverage its full potential.

Ryzen performance greatly benefits from fast RAM, so we pair our Ryzen CPUs with fast DDR4-3200 RAM to ensure your instance performs at its best. We utilise ECC technology to ensure complete data integrity and stability.

Our instances are hosted on the London Internet Exchange (LINX LON1), and offer first-class connectivity typically reserved for huge companies that can build out their own datacentres. We can provide you with a BGP session so you can bring your own IPs - completely free of charge. In addition, we can also offer up to 10G fiber networking for your instances upon request.

Instances are highly flexible - they can be created, deleted, or resized in a matter of seconds with a single, simple API call. Combined with our pay-as-you-go hourly billing system, this provides the ultimate flexibility and control over your infrastructure, ensuring you get the resources you need and pay for exactly what you use.

The AMD1 lineup offers a true no-compromises cloud experience, with the power to demolish any workload or task it is unleashed upon. All at an unbeatable price.

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Name Cores Memory Bandwidth Price Hourly Price monthly*
amd1.micro 1 2 GB 100 Mbps £0.0123 £9
amd1.tiny 1 4 GB 100 Mbps £0.0178 £13
amd1.small 2 4 GB 200 Mbps £0.0301 £22
amd1.medium 2 8 GB 200 Mbps £0.0356 £26
amd1.large 4 8 GB 400 Mbps £0.0603 £44
amd1.xlarge 4 16 GB 400 Mbps £0.0712 £52
amd1.2xlarge 8 32 GB 800 Mbps £0.1425 £104
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