Block storage

Fast, scalable, and redundant block storage volumes


Our NVMe block storage boasts up to 100,000 IOPS and up to 1 GB/s read/write, ensuring your instances have near-instant access to your data. In addition, all of our underlying storage is fully redundant, so you'll never need to worry about data loss.

You can create volumes from a number of cloud ready operating system images, allowing you to easily deploy your favourite Linux distros in under a second.

NVMe block storage is the perfect choice for tasks that cannot compromise on performance, such as acting as a boot volume for your instances, or as a database volume. Our NVMe block storage volumes are guaranteed to demolish any storage bottlenecked task.

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Name Price per GB Hourly Price per GB Monthly*
NVMe Block Storage £0.000068 £0.05

* Assuming an average of 730 hours in a month

Prices are VAT exclusive where applicable

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